Navantia Australia Support the Australian Sailor Monument

Perth, Western Australia, 16 July 2018

Major naval shipbuilding and sustainment company Navantia Australia has added its support to The Australian Sailor Monument national project.

The Australian Sailor Monument site at Rous Head, Fremantle Harbour

Navantia Australia has joined as a Defence Contractor Supporter for the project at Rous Head in Fremantle Harbour, which will recognise the central role of sailors in the discovery, settlement, development and defence of Australia.

The Australian Sailor Monument project convenor Gavin Ryan said business and community support was essential to reach the estimated $2 million target for the project.

“We’re delighted to welcome Navantia Australia aboard as a Defence Contractor Supporter,” Mr Ryan said.

“Navantia is well known in shipbuilding and sustainment and we invite other businesses involved in or relying on the sea – our many exporters, fishing, tourism and service and supply operators – to join this tremendous project that will become a national and international landmark at Fremantle.”

Navantia Australia chairman Warren King said: “Navantia Australia’s origins are based on 300 years of sea faring, defence and exploration. For more than a decade we have enjoyed a close relationship with the Royal Australian Navy providing it, and all who serve with them, with world class ships.

“We are only too pleased to support a project like The Australian Sailor Monument.”

The Federal Government, through the Department of Defence and the Royal Australian Navy, the WA Government and Lotterywest have made foundation commitments totalling more than $1 million.

The WA Government has also supported Fremantle Ports in providing the land for the monument on the historic North Mole at Rous Head and ensured the WA Maritime Museum will be in a position to maintain it.

The balance of the required funding is being sought from the corporate and community sectors.

The larger-than-life bronze sculpture of a sailor, a centrepiece of the monument, has been completed by award-winning WA artists Charles Smith and Joan Walsh-Smith and is on temporary display at Elizabeth Quay in Perth.

The Australian Sailor Monument

The striking sculpture, with its base, is 3.6 metres high and weighs 5 tonnes.

More information:
Gavin Ryan     0403 205 562