Navantia Australia Awards SMA Contract for Future Frigate bid

27 April 2018

Navantia Australia has contracted Australian company Scientific Management Associates (SMA) to develop and deliver specialised integrated logistic system (ILS) documentation for its F-5000 future frigate design. SMA will support the F-5000 Plans for Training Support, Facilities, Disposal and Usage Upkeep.

“Navantia Australia is committed to providing the most capable frigate for Australia,” said Navantia Australia managing director Donato Martinez. “In addition to the F-5000’s world-leading anti-submarine and general-purpose capabilities, we are committed to a highly capable logistics and maintenance program to ensure the Royal Australian Navy has full availability of these ships.”

The global fleet of Navantia-designed frigates has world-leading availability, which will be supported in Australia by SMA. SMA’s experienced ILS managers and practitioners bring strong operational and technical backgrounds to assist Navantia Australia with technical advice and to participate in the Integrated Product Team for the final phase of the SEA5000 tender.

“SMA’s personnel have extensive experience in the analysis, development, delivery and ongoing support of training, documentation and logistic support products for complex commercial and military systems and equipment,” said SMA general manager John Robertson. “We are excited about the opportunity to support Navantia Australia on this major national program. Working with Navantia Australia will provide us with future opportunities to contribute to international programs.”

Navantia Australia personnel in Adelaide and Melbourne will work together with SMA’s experts to ensure that the F-5000’s ILS will provide high availability and service for the Royal Australian Navy.

About SMA

Scientific Management Associates (SMA) is Australia’s largest and most successful independent integrated logistics support (ILS) services company. The SMA Group of Companies was established in 1981 and since that date has successfully provided project support to capital intensive industries in Australia and around the world to a range of clients that includes government agencies, military authorities, defence industry contractors and civil industry companies. SMA is an ISO 9001 certified company and Registered Training Organisation for the delivery of nationally recognised vocational training.

About Navantia Australia

Navantia Australia’s roots date back hundreds of years. Since 2006 we have been Australia’s shipbuilding partner. At Navantia Australia, we are committed to growing our local workforce and links to the Australian supply chain to best support the growth of a truly Australian shipbuilding industry.