A game-changing partnership

The Maritime Institute of Technology – is a game-changing partnership between Navantia Australia and the University of Technology Sydney.

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We aim to nurture Australia's sovereign capability in the maritime sector through cutting edge research and development (R&D) in digital technologies.

Leaders in innovation

We drive R&D in digital technologies, ensuring ther we stay ar me forefront of engineering and IT advancements focused on real world, commercial applications.

Delivering world class outcomes

We are committed to delivering innovative and commercially relevant outcomes that have a positive impact on the maritime sector.

Academic industry collaboration

With the resources and expertise of Navantia Australia, combined with the knowledge and facilities of UTS, we bring together the best of academia are industry.

Research translation

Since May 2020, our partnership has forged strong research led solutions, collaborating between academia and industry.

Nurturing sovereign capability

Our partnership focuses on nurturing Australia's sovereign capabiity by developing the required future workforce for the maritime sector.

Skilled maritime professionals

Through internships, PhD programs, and employment opportunities, we ensure graduates have the skills needed to thrive in the industry.

Since its establishment in May 2022, Marintec has been making waves in the maritime industry by spearheading digital innovation projects. With a focus on data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, Marintec engages with industry partners to develop cutting-edge digital technologies that will transform the maritime industry.

Navantia Australia provides funding for several areas of collaborative research and development, focusing on advanced software engineering, UX digital expertise, game design, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Working closely with the Royal Australian Navy and the wider industry, the Institute has already delivered several ground-breaking projects, including automatic ship routing using digital twin technology to optimise fuel usage, gamification and distributed architecture for naval personnel recruitment, attraction, training, and development, anomaly detection using deep learning models, situational awareness tools, and telecommunications and AI for the operation of autonomous uncrewed surface vehicles.

But Marintec’s not just about tech – it’s also committed to developing the workforce of the future. With initiatives like PhD programs, internships, and employment opportunities for graduates, the partnership is cultivating a skilled future workforce while addressing the Australian maritime skills gap shortage.

With the support of academia and a focus on technology-led outcomes, Navantia Australia is establishing a project pipeline that will deliver advancements in operational, sustainment, and workforce development activities. And with its sights set on becoming Australia’s centre of excellence for maritime digital technology solutions, Marintec is charting a course for a brighter, more innovative future.