Port Surveillance and Security System (SVAP)

The main objective of the Port Surveillance and Security System (SVAP) is to increase the security of ports and ships – both military and merchant.

As a result of the new ISPS code originating from the 9/11 attacks and recommendations from the IMO and SOLAS to protect port waters, oblige the States to establish plans for protecting port facilities covering the monitoring of waters close to the docks and berths.

SVAP gives a technologically advanced response to this need for Ports of Interest.

SVAP is designed as a complete system covering any aspect of the security of a facility. Integrating existing surveillance systems, it can in turn be integrated with port management systems.

Advantages of SVAP:

  • Zero operating costs
  • Zero maintenance (only cleaning)
  • Able to be integrated with existing systems, sensors and communications
  • Modular and scalable (sensors and control centre)
  • High reliability
  • User friendly, easy to operate.