IPMS Integrated Platform Management System

The Navantia IPMS is a world leading, award winning, integrated and distributed system that allows the remote control and monitoring of platform systems.

The systems provide:

  • Propulsion and steering plant control and monitoring
  • Power electrical plant generation, and distribution control and monitoring
  • Auxiliaries control and monitoring
  • Damage systems, and ship damage control and monitoring.

The Navantia IPMS features commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and comprises of multifunction HMI control consoles for system operators at various shipboard locations and PLCs used for data acquisition and control. In emergency situations, it provides the mission critical functionality of all systems, making its reliability, availability and straight-forward operation crucial.

The key to Navantia’s advanced IPMS is a breakthrough software application‚ called COMPLEX‚ built using Caché object database. COMPLEX enables integration of standard functions like ship control and supervision with other advanced functions such as damage control‚ maintenance‚ on-board training and more‚ in part by extracting information from the shipyard’s design and construction data (drawings‚ specs and spreadsheets) to enhance the onboard operational systems.

The Navantia IPMS is on the Royal Australian Navy’s Landing Helicopter Docks, Hobart Class guided missile destroyers and being installed on new replenishment ships (AOR) platforms as well as on-board more than 60 ships across multiple navies. By 2020, seven Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ships will have a common IPMS – commonality in hardware, functionality and operation, and almost 2,000 RAN crew will have been trained and operating within NSAG’s IPMS environment.

IPMS provides navies with:

  • State of the art defence technology
  • Unconditional system availability, reliability and straight forward operation
  • Fit-for-purpose solutions for a world-class defence industry.
 Navantia’s COMPLEX IPMS was awarded first place in the 2010 Intersystems Innovator Awards for innovative customer solutions.

NSAG is a Navantia Australia and SAGE Automation joint venture which is committed to the development, delivery and support of Navantia’s Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) monitoring and control solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

The role of NSAG

NSAG offers the following IPMS related services:

  • Build
  • Commission
  • Support
  • Simulation and training
  • Ongoing capability enhancement.

NSAG IPMS Solutions