NAVANTIS Steering the Future

NAVANtia Training System (NAVANTIS) optimises and takes one step further full crew integrated training. By using NAVANTIS, whole crews are able leave the training room, go straight on board and sail safely away.

Training is in two stages:

  1. E-learning based stage for operation and maintenance
  2. Hands-on exercise stage based on platform simulators for operational training.

Simulation models are developed in accordance with data produced during ship design, production and test stages. The latest generation graphic engines achieve a highly realistic visualisation of the natural environment.

The NAVANTIS learning room makes extensive uses of hardware visualisation through the “glass console” concept. Operator familiarisation with real ship hardware elements is achieved through the use of highly realistic virtual touch interactive elements based on those in real ships. Since the operator interface is software-based, a single NAVANTIS training room hardware is easily reconfigurable by interchanging ship software to faithfully represent various ships. Video walls and Virtual Reality goggles provide natural environment immersion.

Learning room features:

  • Modular – applicable to any vessel size
  • Configurable –the same hardware can be used to simulate a variety of ships
  • Real ship fidelity – it recreates with high precision the physical interfaces of any specific vessel
  • Multidisciplinary – it integrates training for local and remote IPMS ship platform operations, navigation system, communications system and more
  • Interconnectable – ability for several NAVANTIS learning rooms to share the same scenarios in a coordinated manner.

NAVANTIS is structured in four different training levels within a single product:

1. Platform

NAVANTIS teaches the crew how to operate the ship platform equipment and systems, combining the remote operation from the Integrate Platform Management System (IPMS), with the local operation at dedicated operation panels.

2. Platform and Navigation

NAVANTIS has the capability to train the ship machinery operators and the bridge operators within the same training session in a coordinated and collaborative manner.

3. Ship-to-Ship

NAVANTIS enables joint operations to be carried out between several trainee-driven ships, for example RAS and amphibious operations between two or more vessels. Other vessels defined by the instructor are introduced to create realistic sea traffic training.

4.Combat System

Other training systems can also be incorporated either from the own ship such as communications and weapons or other external systems such as aircraft. DIS and HLS standards are supported.