Industry celebrates launch of Destroyer Enterprise Charter

Garden Island, Sydney NSW, 23 January 2020

Defence industry, CASG and the Royal Australian Navy launched the Destroyer Enterprise Charter on 6 December 2019 at a Clear Lower Deck at Garden Island, Sydney, to support the Navy’s Hobart Class guided missile destroyers.


Navantia Australia DDG Program team:
Front row (L-R) Hadiqa Khan, Simon Moore, Adrian Orellana
Back row (L-R) Jose Porto, Cameron Popple, Vinicius Pinto Ferreira, Juan Feliciano Prieto-Puga, Carlos Garcia Lorenzo, Judd Smith, Juan Andres Ferandez Vasquez, Joe Kwok, Frank Boengkih. Absent: Andrew Mann, David Rueda Roca and Dan Alpareanu.

Representatives from CASG, the Royal Australian Navy, managing contractor BAE Systems Australia (BAES) and Industry partners Navantia Australia, Raytheon Australia and Thales Australia signed the charter.

The importance and purpose of the charter is to bring what is an organisation of organisations, or in Navy terms a ‘team of teams’, together under a unifying vision and mission. The charter brings this team of teams together philosophically and conceptually.

Signatories included Captain Grant McLennan, CASG DDGSPO Director; Captain Dugald Clelland, Commander Surface Combatant Group; Commander John de Bomford on behalf of Captain Greg Laxton, RAN Fleet Support Unit; Neil Comer, BAES managing contractor; Judd Smith, Navantia Australia DDG program director; Brad Flemming, Raytheon Australia; and Anthony Mills, Thales Australia.

Navantia Australia is providing Platform Design Services (PDS) under the Transition Support Period (TSP) Services contract with BAE Systems Australia, as part of the Destroyer Enterprise.

The breadth and depth of knowledge, experience and skills that exist in the Destroyer Enterprise will enable it to deliver safe and seaworthy destroyers that are capable of being deployed operationally when and wherever the Navy needs them on behalf of Australia.

The vision for the Destroyer Enterprise is “Together deliver a Destroyer capability that can fight and win every time”. This is adapted from the Navy mantra of “To fight and win at sea” and is translated across to the enterprise for two main reasons, which are best described as professionalism:

  • It is important for everyone in the enterprise to understand they are making a valuable contribution to the safety and effectiveness of the men and women of the RAN who serve in the destroyers at sea every day. The enterprise has an obligation to ensure they are serving in a capability that is capable to fight and win at sea.
  • It is important to understand that when people are doing their job on a day-to-day, task-by-task basis, the ultimate manifestation of this work is a man or woman in a destroyer at sea, putting themselves in harms way.

The mission for the Destroyer Enterprise is to deliver an efficient and effective warship sustainment capability for Navy.

This is to remind enterprise members of their obligation to manage their time, resources and people to the best of their ability and to identify opportunities to improve the enterprise and processes to deliver the best possible sustainment capability possible.

All signatories signed the charter before the enterprise.