Growing Australia’s Sovereign Shipbuilding Capability

16 August 2017

Navantia Australia has affirmed its commitment to utilising the South Australian workforce and growing opportunities for South Australian businesses as part of the company’s proposal for the Future Frigate program. The Navantia Australia proposal builds upon the experience of Adelaide shipbuilders on the Hobart Class destroyer program and creates a pathway to a sustainable sovereign shipbuilding and export industry for Australia.

Donato Martínez, Managing Director of Navantia Australia, said the company has been an integral part of the development of the Adelaide workforce.

“We have already been working closely with the shipbuilding workforce in Osborne for a number of years. We are confident in the ability of the Adelaide workforce to excel in the coming years with the Future Frigates project. Not only will we require the current skilled labour base, we will need to grow the workforce as the program ramps up”.

Importantly for the continuity of the workforce, Navantia Australia’s F-5000 is based on the Hobart Class design which has already been built in Adelaide.

“When we already have an experienced shipbuilding workforce in Adelaide, why would we look anywhere else?” Mr Martínez said.

Warren King, Navantia Australia Board Member, said that hundreds of Australian companies would be part of the F-5000 supply chain.

“Australian industry has contributed significantly to the build of the Hobart Class destroyers. Navantia Australia will require Australian companies to have an even bigger role on the F-5000. We expect over 400 Australian companies will be involved in the program by 2030, delivering huge benefits to the local economy.”

Mr Martínez reiterated Navantia Australia’s commitment to establishing a sovereign shipbuilding capability in Australia, from design through to delivery of the ships.

“Navantia Australia is committed to using the Adelaide workforce and Australian industry for the F-5000. Working with Australian industry, we will continue to grow Australia’s sovereign shipbuilding capability as we have done for over a decade.”