Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel - Medium Capable. Versatile. Australian.

An all Australian design, the Kodal Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel – Medium has been developed entirely by Navantia Australia’s Naval Design and Engineering Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

The Kodal Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel – Medium (LMV-M) is an Australian designed vessel developed by Navantia Australia’s Melbourne Naval Design and Engineering Centre.

This vessel is purposefully designed for the Australian Army’s operational and technical requirements and is highly compliant. The vessel is optimised to both littoral and riverine operational environments while also meeting the voyage requirements for extended distances.

LMV-M is designed for both littoral and riverine operations

A versatile platform

The LMV-M will support a wide range of operations within a wide range of environments.

  • The monohull configuration is suitable for a wide range of sea states.
  • The size and displacement is suitable for constrained riverine environments, while the hull form, propulsion and accommodation supports the open ocean transit requirements.
  • The single bow ramp was deliberately selected to support beach landings, stern dock marriages, and operations at low infrastructure ports.
  • A multi-purpose open deck provides flexibility for personnel transit, UAV operations and future modular weapon payloads.
  • The propulsion system can operate on two or four engines to optimise fuel consumption and maintenance, while also providing important redundancy.
Navantia Australia has been investing in sovereign ship design and engineering capabilities since 2018. Navantia Australia has 100 designers and engineers located in their Melbourne Naval Design and Engineering Centre, Garden Island Defence Precinct Sydney, and in Western Australia.

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    Landing Craft Australia Combining the strengths of two highly capable Australian companies

    Landing Craft Australia (LCA) is an exciting new Australian sovereign shipbuilding capability underpinned by Navantia Australia and UGL’s experienced people, proven systems and processes.

    Navantia Australia, Australia’s sovereign naval design and sustainment partner, and UGL, a member of the CIMIC Group specialising in complex manufacturing, have combined their collective strengths to form a joint venture – Landing Craft Australia – to bring both design and shipbuilding control under a single collaborative team.

    Well-resourced and experienced individually, the combination of these two organisations creates a highly capable team with the right skills as a full featured Prime Contractor, to deliver success in the design and delivery of Australian designed and built littoral manoeuvre vessels (LMV).

    Australian Designed. Australian Built.

    Landing Craft Australia (LCA) provides the Commonwealth the opportunity to expand and deepen Australia’s military shipbuilding capacity. LCA leverages Navantia Australia’s design and engineering team as well as the national industrial strength of UGL and its skill base.

    The opportunities for Australian industry development can be categorised as the supply of systems and equipment for the LMV-M and the supply of specialist services and trades for the construction of the vessels. Combining Navantia and UGL’s supply chains and Navantia Australia’s success in Australianising the supply of naval equipment and systems provides an exceptional platform for industry development.

    Navantia Australia and UGL have previously collaborated on successful landing craft projects for the Australian Defence Force.

    In 2019 they jointly upgraded the Royal Australian Navy’s Landing Helicopter Dock Landing Craft (LLC) to increase their operating load capacity to safely carry Abrams tanks and heavier support vessels from ship-to-shore.

    The LHD Landing Craft Enhancement Program was awarded the Australian Department of Defence Essington Lewis Award for Minor Sustainment Activity – Under $220 million/year in 2020.

    The success of this project is proof that Navantia Australia and UGL can effectively collaborate to deliver excellent Defence capability within specified time, cost and quality expectations.

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