Delivering Real Capabilities Hobart Class Destroyers (DDGs)

In 2006, Navantia was chosen as the designer of the Royal Australian Navy’s guided missile destroyer (DDG).

Navantia has been working with partner organisations to bring the Australian made Hobart Class destroyers into reality. The three Hobart Class destroyers are based on the Spanish F-100 Frigate design and are currently being built in Adelaide, South Australia. They provide air defence for accompanying ships in addition to supporting land forces and infrastructure in coastal areas. Equipped with modern sonar and communications systems, decoys, surface-launched torpedoes and an array of effective close-in defensive weapons, the Hobart Class destroyers also provide enhanced undersea and task group command capabilities.

In 2015 the Australian Government appointed Navantia as the Shipyard Management Services contractor to complete the construction of the Hobart Class as part of the Air Warfare Destroyer Reform program. Under Navantia Australia’s management, labour hours on the program have been reduced, and all cost and schedule milestones have been met. The work which Navantia Australia has undertaken in Adelaide’s Osborne shipyard provides a strong foundation for Australia’s continuous shipbuilding program.

The first ship, HMAS Hobart, was commissioned in September 2017.