Designing for the Future F-5000 Future Frigate

The F-5000 is Navantia Australia’s offering to the Australian Government’s SEA 5000 Future Frigate program. The F-5000 will be the most capable anti-submarine warfare vessel in the Australian Defence Force arsenal.

These ships will be designed in Australia and built in Australia by Australians and will provide the most advanced anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability to the Royal Australian Navy.

The F-5000 is designed as a modern, advanced ASW frigate. It incorporates all the benefits of the Hobart Class with an enhanced ASW capability. This provides a superior and balanced warship that will meet current and future Royal Australian Navy needs.

Key elements of the F-5000’s maritime warfare capabilities include:

  • An advanced, integrated underwater sensor suite
  • Improved signature management and noise reduction measures
  • Capable of supporting all Royal Australian Navy helicopters
  • Flexible air-operations, backed by a low-risk evolution to a two hangar design to provide capacity for an additional helicopter or UAV capability
  • Advanced above water sensors
  • Powerful surface and air-warfare capabilities.

The F-5000 brings unique commonality and interoperability to the Royal Australian Navy’s fleet which will provide significant advantages in relation to operations, training and through life support.