Delivering sovereign capability through Australian industry partnerships

9 November 2023

Navantia Australia is establishing a Technology Network Partners to provide sustainable opportunities for the companies to collaborate in delivering engineering design activities under the next phase of Plan Galileo implementation. The initial TPN cohort includes 14 companies – Australian Maritime Technologies, Atlantic & Penisula, Beca, BMT, The Design Technology Co, ESI-ALPHATEC, Ghenova Group, HI Fraser, L3Harris, MARENAV, Rubicon Associates, SAGE Group, Taylor Bros, and Thales Above Water Systems.

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Austal, Civmec and Navantia Australia partner to offer corvettes for Australia

7 November 2023

Austal, Civmec and Navantia Australia are proud to announce that they have partnered to offer the Australian Government a proposal to deliver six corvettes in recognition of the Navy’s urgent need for increased strike capability. Designed by Navantia, the corvette combines the manoeuvrability of a Tier 2 vessel, with the powerful weaponry of a major surface combatant. The corvettes require a smaller crew than larger ships, without compromising on integrated anti-air, anti-surface, anti-submarine, electronic and asymmetric warfare capabilities, including sovereign solutions such as the Saab Australian combat system and CEA Technologies radars.

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